Next Clinic: March 10th, 2021 (Services TBD) 

    In efforts to reduce the spread the COVID-19, Riverside Free Clinic will be suspending a lot of services until futher notice. At our March 10th clinic, RFC will be providing auto-refill medication and telehealth services to returning patients. Please check back closer to the date to see if we will be providing any other services. If you will be coming to the March 10th clinic to pick up a prescription, please fill out the form below for quicker service.

 Counseling services will continue via web/phone for our existing clients. At this time we have more service requests than anticipated, so NEW clients will be put on a waiting list.  The link below has information and instructions so we can contact you:

If you require immediate medical attention, please seek help at the Riverside University Health System located at 26520 Cactus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555 or call (951) 486-4000.

For more information and resources please visit our Covid-19 page.  

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Eighteen years have passed since the clinic first opened its doors with the mission to serve the underserved in Riverside. This was no easy task to take on, but each year the clinic has grown and its list of volunteers increased. In the beginning there were only undergraduate students, medical students, and physicians. Now we have medical residents, nurses, Western University pharmacy and dental students, as well as dentists. We provide patients with various health services through patient-care team approach. These range from basic first aide to long- term medical management of chronic diseases like diabetes. Currently we average 50 medical; and 20 dental patients at each bi-weekly clinic. As the clinic continues to expand, new developments are established. One of our additions has been a partnership with Western University dental students and their advisers. For the past seven years our clinic had been struggling to find an available source of dental care for our patients. Now, with support from the California Dental Association and the Riverside Community Health Foundation, we will finally be able to offer patients access to dental care they previously were unable to find.

We also took strides in expanding the range of medications available to our patients when we developed our Needy Meds program. Many of our patients had been struggling to obtain certain name brand medications that our clinic unfortunately could no longer afford to provide. This new program allows our patients to receive free medications straight from the manufacturer. It has proved especially beneficial to our asthmatic patients whose care requires expensive HFA inhalers. One of the most important aspects of the new program is its sustainability as each years patients can reapply to maintain the aid they need. Aside from instituting new programs we have also improved some of our well-established programs such as laboratory testing and providing hygiene kits. At every biweekly meeting, every person receives a hygiene kit, which can include supplies like shampoo, bars of soap, razors, tissue, toothbrushes and toothpaste, female hygiene products and condoms, and whatever else we receive through donations. At the beginning of the year our clinic was toiling under lab costs, which had undergone a steep increase. Our lab pricing began to outpace our medication expenses by a large margin. Fortunately, our non-profit status allowed us to join the Council of Connections, which placed us in contact with a new source for laboratory analysis and pricing that reduced our costs to a more sustainable rate. Our smoking cessation program now in its second year has continued to provide support to patients as they work to end their dependence on cigarettes. The KID program normally held only on clinic nights held its first summer program and saw a wonderful turnout of children happy to have a place to learn and play during summer months.