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· The aim of the NeedyMeds Committee is to provide expensive medications to patients at a reduced to no cost. We strive for no cost.

· NeedyMeds is an outlet for free and effective medication for those without insurance

· We guide patients through the application process and communicate with numerous pharmaceutical companies

· If a patient is approved they receive free medication for an entire year

· We keep our Needy Meds Pharmacy consistently restocked with free medicine (i.e. asthma inhalers- ProAir and Qvar)

· We are working on expanding the list of medications available for our patients


To apply for the NeedyMeds program please bring the following items with you to our clinic:

  1. Proof of Income (may include your most recent federal tax return, SSI income yearly benefits statement, or a recent pay stub)
  2. Social Security Number or permanent resident ID
  3. Current mailing address and phone number

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